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The Bays of Huatulco (wa-TOOL-co) include nine bays and 35 pristine beaches. We believe that it is the most beautiful spot on the Pacific coast mainly because of the many unspoiled beaches that stretch along the 18 miles of jagged coastline.

This is where the Sierra Madre del Sur meets the Pacific Ocean and you are unlikely to find more dramatic vistas anywhere. In 1998 a portion of the area was set aside as a National park. Over 6000 hectares of forest are preserved for birds and wildlife, plus over 5000 hectares of ocean for marine life. The park includes the bays of San Augustin, Chachacual, Cacaluta, Maguey and El Organo and much of it is only reachable by boat.

Each bay has its own unique character. Some have several beaches which form little pockets nestled into the towering cliffs, others are wide open to the surf, and still others have coral reefs with crystalline water and numerous species of tropical fish. It is possible to see giant sea turtles, pods of dolphins, jumping manta ray and whales.

Huatulco is an especially important area for migratory birds and we have had several experienced birders tell us that they have added first sightings to their list without even leaving the Agua Azul la Villa property. Eighty percent of all birds in Mexico pass through here on their way to and from South America. This is their last resting point before making the long trek across the Isthmus of Tejuantepec, so they stay for an extended period. Like many of the guests at Agua Azul, these migratory birds understand that Huatulco is the perfect spot for a well deserved R&R.

In addition to the spectacular natural beauty, Huatulco has an exceptional level of infrastructure. Wide palm lined streets that are paved and well lit make getting around easy and safe. Those who are adventurous enough to stray away from the large hotels will be well rewarded. Huatulco has a wide assortment of wonderful restaurants in a broad range of price levels offering variety of cuisines from Mexican to international and including fusion.

EARTHCHECK PLATINUM CERTIFICATION Huatulco's commitment to maintaining high environmental standards is evident in the fact that it is one of the few areas on the Pacific coast where sewage (treated or otherwise) is not pumped out to sea. We are proud to display Huatulco's EARTHCHECK PLATINUM CERTIFICATION, indicating this community's commitment to environmentally sustainable tourism.

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