There are 36 beaches in Huatulco. Those accessible by road include: Arricto, Chahue, Santa Cruz, La Entrega, Mague and San Augistine and La Bocanna.

Several of the beaches are within a National Park and can only be reached by boat. This coastal area is magnificent and arranging a trip to visit some of the virgin beaches is one of the many pleasurable ways to spend a day in Huatulco.

Punta Arena / Playa Arena

Located about a 10 - 15 min walk from the Villa, half of which is on paved road and the other half is over a little known path through the forest. A small outcropping of rocks divides the two beaches but both are long virgin beaches with no facilities. The trees are a fair distance back from the shoreline so we have a few umbrellas available for guests.

This is a perfect place for a morning beach walk before breakfast. It is not uncommon to see tracks from giant sea turtles that have come up onto the shore to lay their eggs. On a calm day this beach suitable for swimming but it can be rough at times, with a rather sharp drop off at the shore line.

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