• Huatulco is known for its predictable climate.
  • The sea is warm enough to swim in year round.
  • On averages Huatulco has over 330 days without rain and when it does rain most of it falls at night.
  • Mid October to Mid May is the dry season with 99.9% chance of no rain.
  • Mid May to Mid October is the wet season but most of the rain falls at night. Everything is lush and green within a few days of the first rain.
  • The temperature 27° - 33° C (mid 80s to low 90s F) does not change much year round but the wet season is more humid so it feels hotter.

Ignore the weather on the internet because the weather station is situated inland past the airport. It is at a higher altitude which affects the night time temperatures and the amount of rain. Unless you are in Air conditioning you will not need a sweater. The internet may say that it is going to rain every day of July, chances are that it will not.

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