Getting Here

Direct Flights

From Canada, Winter and Early Spring Only

  • West Jet -
    Has flights daily From Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver beginning the end of October. Some of these are direct to Huatulco and some pass through Mexico City.
  • Sunwing (Signature Vacations) -
    Tuesdays from several Canadian cities beginning November 17, 2015.
  • Air Transat -
    Flights from Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto starting in late December, 2015.
  • Air Canada -
    Flights on Tuesday and Saturday from Toronto to Huatulco, beginning November 7, 2015. Air Canada also has flights from Toronto and Vancouver to Mexico City on selected days. They have code with AeroMexico to Huatulco, but it may require an overnight in Mexico City.

From the US

  • SunCountry -
    Flies directly from Minneapolis to Huatulco on Saturdays, beginning January 9, 2016 to April 16, 2016.
  • Apple Vacations -
    Has non-stop flights from Chicago beginning late November through to early spring.

Regular Air Service

  • United Airlines -
    Flies non-stop from Houston to Huatulco once or twice per week. They also fly to Oaxaca City. They code share with Aeromexico so that you can book your flight from any city that United flies from to arrive in Mexico City where you pick up an AeroMexico commuter flight.
  • Interjet -
    Flies to selected cites in the USA and Canada as well as throughout Mexico. They offer several flights daily to Huatulco from Mexico City and code sharing with American airlines and with WestJet. This company enjoys an excellent reputation in Mexico, offering four flights daily between Mexico City and Huatulco. The best day to make connections to Huatulco is Sunday because the last flight leaves Mexico City at 7:25 pm. On all other days, the last flight leaves at 4:40 pm. On your return trip, the first flight out of Huatulco is 10:25 AM except Sunday, which is at noon. Interjet is not found on any of the on line booking sites like Expedia, you need to go directly to their webpage. Book through American Airlines from your destination to Huatulco (HUX).
  • American Airlines -
    American Airlines is now code sharing with Interjet. Through American Airlines, you can book a flight to Huatulco with a stop over in Mexico City and transfer to an Interjet flight. You will receive a boarding pass for the transfer and will not collect your baggage or pass through customs until you arrive in Huatulco. You will need to pass through immigration, but will not leave the departure concourse.
  • Volaris -
    A discount airline flies from several cities in the USA and Mexico has a commuter flight from Mexico City to Huatulco daily. During peak periods, they occasionally add a flight on Friday.
  • Aero Mexico -
    Flies from several US destinations to Mexico city and has two flights daily from Mexico City to Huatulco.


  • TAR Aerolines -
    This Mexican airline offers flights between Oaxaca and Huatulco and Guadalajara and Huatulco on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. They fly 50 passenger Embrioer 145 jets. You can book from their website, but it is only in Spanish. If you call, they have English speaking agents.
  • AeroTucan -
    Flies daily between Huatulco and Oacaca City.

NOTE: If you are also visiting Oaxaca City, it is possible to fly on Mexicana to Oaxaca City and continue to Huatulco either by AeroTucan or by road and later return to Mexico City from Huatulco (or vise versa). It is not necessary to return to Mexico City Oaxaca City mid-trip!

Other Transportation

  • First Class Bus -
    Leaves daily from Huatulco.
    Buses are comfortable but this trip takes about 8 hours.
  • Second Class Bus
    Buses leave hourly from Pochutla - Oaxaca and Oaxaca - Pochutla.
    This bus trip takes about 5 hours.
  • Taxi
    You can take a taxi Pochutla - Huatulco or Huatulco Pochutla (about 45 minutes).
  • Executive Van Service
    Express Colombo, phone Oaxaca 5143854, Huatulco 5872311
    Service several times daily from Huatulco - Oaxaca and Oaxaca - Huatulco
  • Car Rental
    There are several rental agencies, but it is a rather long winding road and drop-off fees can be expensive.
  • FlightNetwork
    Find flights on the FlightNetwork web site.
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